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PcoMed develops leading-edge surface technology for medical implant and other medical device applications.  Our innovations are built upon decades of experience creating advanced surfaces and coatings.


PcoMed solutions deliver the exact medical device performance that you want: attachment of just the right type of cells, conductors that outlive the patient, true bone cell attachment to implants, continuous anti-thrombogenic performance  from a mix-in that obsoletes catheter coatings, polymer-free elution of just the right amount of drug or growth factor at just the right time.






Surface Solutions

PcoMed develops leading-edge surface technology for medical implant and other medical device applications. Our innovations are built upon decades of experience creating advanced surfaces and coatings.

Our surfaces transform the performance of medical implants and devices for our customers.

Here you will find just a few examples of our medical options.





True Bone Cell Attachment Surface, not just bone ingrowth into porous structures.


Eliminate the microscopic gap  between bone and device on spinal, dental, orthopedic and small bone implants and the attendant infections, osteolysis and competing cell attachment.


Sold in the US on FDA-cleared Implants.





Prevent implant biofilm formation. Tune your product's microbicidal activity to last from 7 days to 9 months or longer.


MicroBLOX performs in both static and high-flow applications in the body. High flow completely overwhelms most antimicrobials, but not PcoMed's.  MicroBLOX excels in high flow environments.


MicroBLOX mix-ins excel in catheter applications, and our coatings and surfaces perform where mix-ins cannot.




165-µ Conductors for Neuro, Spinal and Cardiac leads


- Immune to plastic deformation fatigue.


- No thicker than a human hair.


Plus, get electrical conduction on the surface and data or light conduction through the core.



Cell Solutions

PcoMed generates cell attachment for a broad range of medical devices using the precise nano-topology needed to interact with the surface energy and chemistry of the target cell type.  This has allowed PcoMed

to amplify the performance of a number of medical devices



Endothelial and Cell Attachment


PcoMed's specialty surfaces allow endothelial or other specified cells to attach directly to implanted materials, often avoiding the need for eluting drugs or other compounds with challenging side effects.

    FibroBLOX Fibroblast   
Prevention Surfaces


PcoMed's line of FibroBLOX fibroblast prevention surfaces and coatings can prevent fibroblast formation on just about anything - cardiac leads,

PEEK and other polymers, metals, ceramics, synthe-

tic wovens and non-wovens, even silicones.



Lets Work Together

If you would like more information about PcoMed surfaces, coatings and services,

we are happy to discuss your medical device and performance needs.  

PcoMed LLC

105 S. Sunset St.

Suite G

Longmont, CO 80501





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PcoMed's Solutions 

- STOP infections

- STOP thrombus formations 

- STOP conductor failures

- STOP encapsulations

- STOP plastic deformation fatigues

Custom Surface Development

PcoMed's proprietary and custom surfaces transform major medical device companies, including polymer-free drug elution surfaces, specialty anti-microbial surfaces, special surface conductors and others.

Polymer-Free Drug and Biological Elution

PcoMed solutions deliver 

precisely controlled short-term and very long-term elution of drugs and biologicals, including stent drugs, antibiotics, BMP's and numerous other compounds without the risk

of polymer failure and its dangerous side-effects.


Anti-Thrombogenic Mix-Ins


PcoMed's line of anti-thrombogenic mix-ins is appropriate for PICC lines, dialysis, apheresis and other catheters.  The anti-thrombogenic performance does not degrade over time and nothing elutes.


Eliminate the added costs and numerous manufacturing problems inherent in coatings by using PcoMed's mix-in products.

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