AgO coated ePTFE at 9 and 21 days

Healing Controls at 9 and 21 days

Prevent Biofilm Formation. 

 7-9 log Antimicrobial Reduction.   

Length of Activity from 7 days to more than 9 months.


Applied Applications



Polymer Based Materials

Difficult-to-coat materials

such as Delrin

MicroBLOX - Antimicrobial Surface Developed For


Rabbit Healing Study

Histology Demonstrates Complete Elution and Healing at 21 Days on Surgical Mesh

Slides show:

  • Complete elution of AgO surface by 21 days on Silver Oxide coated ePTFE

  • Complete healing with no difference from healing control at 21 days.


Tunable, high-performance, high-activity AgO eluting surface.


Unique, highly-active AgO delivers Greater than 6-7 log reduction, depending upon application.


Prevents Biofilm formation.


Performs in high-flow, not just static, environments.


Anti-microbial duration selectable from 7 days to more than 9 months.

Combination of AgO/Ag2O/Ag allows "Tunable" performance over time.


Successful Testing

Access Ports


Related Devices

Implantable Access Ports

in vivo anti-microbial testing

Implantable Pacing

Generator Cans

in vivo anti-microbial testing

Surgical Mesh 

in vivo healing testing


in vivo anti-microbial

challenge testing



MicroBLOX   MOF Mixin - Antimicrobial for Polymers

MicroBLOX MOF Mixin is a biocompatible Metal Organic Framework that delivers indefinite anti-microbial performance for medical devices in contact with blood in the body.


It delivers that antimicrobial performance with:

  • No Added Thickness

  • No Drugs

  • No Elution

  • No Biodegrading

  • No Particulates

  • No Flaking

  • No Dissolving

  • No Added Manufacturing Steps or Process Cost


MicroBLOX MOF Delivers Long-term therapeutic action

  • Remains active indefinitely

  • Exceeds performance of current commercial technologies


MicroBLOX MOF Mixin excels where other antimicrobials are overwhelmed - high flow environments.  By constantly catalyzing a minute boundary layer of Nitric Oxide on the device, MicroBLOX prevents microbial attachment and biofilm formation.





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