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ANTI-THROMBOGENIC Mix-Ins for Catheters

DiazaMed   Metal Organic Framework  [MOF]


DiazaMed MOF is a biocompatible "Mix-in" material that provides indefinite anti-thrombogenic performance for all types of catheters in the blood stream.


It delivers that performance with

  • No Added Thickness

  • No Drugs

  • No Elution

  • No Biodegrading

  • No Particulates

  • No Flaking

  • No Dissolving

  • No Added Manufacturing Steps or Process Cost


MOF Delivers Long-term therapeutic action

  • Remains active indefinitely

  • Far exceeds performance of current commercial technologies


DiazaMed MOF is a Mix-in, not a Coating.

  • Small amount is compounded directly with the polymer


The MOF continuously catalyzes a minute boundary layer of Nitric Oxide (from components in the blood) that lasts for miliseconds on

the surface of the catheter to prevent attachment and formation of thrombosis.

  • Thrombis prevention and Nitric Oxide only at the surface

  • No systemic effect


How Does It Work?

Dramatic Production Benefits

MOF can be processed using standard production methods:

  • Extrusion

  • Injection Molding

  • Casting

  • Other methods


Far Better Catheter Manufacturing Process

  • Eliminates coating

    • Reduced Cost

    • Reduced Time

    • Eliminates Typical Coating Inconsistency

    • Eliminates Difficult and Unreliable Testing to Confirm Coating Consistency

  • Simple Compounding with Polymers such as Polyurethane

    • No adverse impact on physical polymer or device performance

    • 5 Polymers Tested

    • Tests Conducted by Major Catheter Company and Colorado State University

  • Simplified Production

    • No Additional Manufacturing Steps

    • No additional cost beyond MOF

  • HIgh Thermal Stability

    • Tolerates all Catheter Manufacturing Processes

  • Unchanged Sterilization Processes

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