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PcoMed provides Custom Medical Surface Development when you need product performance not provided by PcoMed's proprietary medical surfaces and coatings


PcoMed has developed a broad range of custom surfaces

that include:

  • polymer-free surfaces that elute drugs and biomaterials, including antibiotics, cardiac drugs and growth factors

  • an endothelial attachment surface for coronary strents

  • a multi-element surface conductor for tubing.

  • <200 micron diameter, light-weight, silica-core conductors that are immune to plastic deformation fatigue and therefore unaffected by endless flexing

To deliver such unique performance, PcoMed's scientists work with materials at their most basic levels - atomic and molecular physics -

and utilize their advanced knowledge of nanoscale surface topology. We draw from our proprietary plasma technologies as well as our

more traditional surface processes, often using them in combination

to create proprietary surfaces that provide our customers with a clear competitive advantage. 

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